In larger cities, they have stores like or paint dealers. I hope you will be able to answer to my question, but I have never been able to find it on Internet. So I tried Glidden paint and primer in one. The older stuff was thick and covered in 1 coat. I prefer the look of a matte or flat finish as opposed to gloss, but I am no pro and keep hearing varying opinions. I will always use Sherwin Williams now. I have had this happen in several different rooms, all with different paint on the walls. What brands of paint are sold at Home Depot. Painting stinks. They also said that Valspar REQUIRED three coats, as opposed to other brands which require 6-7 coats. I find a solution soon I can guarantee I will not buy it again. ... Dutch Boy . Almost all of Menards' oil-based paints are from the Rust-Oleum brand except for American Heartland's oil-based aluminum paint. I remember people saying that they wished their shingles lasted as long as their paint! What do you think? SO hey paint with RALP LAUREN PAINT, only if you plan to keep the lights off in the room you paint. I am impressed by the thickness of the paint (I am not the neatest of painters) and the coverage seems good on the previously painted brick. then paint. It also ruined the tape joints. We decided to try valspar. One gallon TV did not even cover a 7×9 room with 3 doors in it! That call came after a year. Currently the best product around for my money is Porter or Pittsburgh Paints, both of which is owned by PPG Industries. A simple little s ratch will cause it to peel. I felt the same about Behr – it worked great so never tried anything else, until my recent experiment. So thanks for the info! It would be a waste of money to paint two times with different paint just to cover it up. You pay more for a premium paint, but it is really worth the savings in time and energy. after dry to touch… oil base for kitchens due to grease and smoke and or applied over enamel oil base to insure latex top coat adhesion. Are your top rated paints in the order of preference? Acrylic paint is a chemically composed, fast-drying option that becomes water-resistant when dry. It is still tacky after 7 months. It took several coats to get the results she wanted. We have always found that to be half the battle at least. I did everything Lowe’s told me to do (color primer and the works) and it did a terrible job. Please notify me of followup comments via email, I forgot to click that box before submitting my comment just now. I used the Ralph Lauren for trim in another bathroom – a darker raspberry color over previously painted white wood that I had prepped repainting. It took weeks to air out the smell. Any paint sales person thet garantees a one coat paint is either ignorant or not being honest. I trusted him not to pull a fast one. Sherwin Williams This acrylic latex paint has the added benefit of having low volatile organic compounds (VOC). Then I went over the entire cabinet again with Minwax Polycrylic protective sealer. It took THREE coats to cover a simple peach color. After reading all these comments , I’ve decided to stick with Benjamin Moore . For those of you washing color off you wall; some paint finishes are made to be washed and some aren’t. It seems to show more on the semigloss textured wall than it does on the flat. I saved 75% on the cost over Sherwin Williams ceiling paint but I paid for it in labor and time. I believe it is only sold in the big orange box because no one else would have it. Trusting a contractor is the same as trusting a convicted felon. So, maybe the problam is the sheen vs. color…and not the brand. It also washed well after week one. Thank you Charlie. I use it all the time. We do not use too much S.W., but it is a good product. They are little more than your cheap Behr and Valspar, but the time in labor you save and the durability of the products out weight the cheap crap in a can. I’ve used Sherwin Williams, Ralph Lauren, and Behr for years. I am disabled and it was very hard work for me. Formaldehyde (the most common VOC – Volatile Organic Compound), is one of the most common chemicals found in paints, adhesives, & stains, that emits VOCs, which have been proven to cause cancer (yes, those paints are carcinogenic). You as a retailer you could not raise prices unless you had premission from Washington. DO NOT BUY Valspire paint! Lowes paint manager so we should of primed it first, which makes no sense because there was nothing really wrong with the ceiling to begin with, and it already had several coats of paint on it. I’ve painted my newly renovated kitchen ceiling 3 times with Valspar Ultra Premium flat ceiling paint. Explore your exterior home color options and experience the quality of Dutch Boy® Maxbond® Exterior Paint + Primer with Extreme-Adhesion Technology 8 oz tintable samples. I’ve thought of going to Lowe’s and stand by the painting section and telling everyone not to use Valspar. let me start by appreciating everyone that make a an african and painting is my proffesion here in Nigeria.we all kinds of paints here but the one making waves here is BM.and lately SW.i have used BM and i want to agree with one my friend that said preparation is the most important.good preparation,good job. . A few years ago THD and the Behr salesmen were showing Behr had the brightest whites. It’s thin enough to put through a prayer and goes on like water. It is touted to keep the color mixed in and be able to touch up. Wonder if a Valspar rep would show up then? By the way, in full strength, it makes an excellent brush cleaner! I will not use Valspar ever again and Lowe’s told me it was enamel paint and I can’t find that written on the can. If you want a nice paint job you will need 2 coats of paint no matter what paint you use. THEN they came out with Aura. I did not use any of the products you mentioned. i agree. I tried two different roller covers and it still bubbles. We did that on cars with different shades of gray primers many years ago, so it may be a good idea. I am super sensitive to things like perfumes, cologne inserts in magazines, cleaning chemicals and other odors. My living room looks like a white quilt! It’s AWESOME!!!! I would like to say that most of these paints that are getting negative or positive reviews are very good paints. S ratch will cause it to peel improved coverage in significantly higher prices to! Finishing, etc to complete our kitchen after about 5 or 6 years to up. Fast enough... Home Depot store Finder ; red squares after one coat i ’ ever! Was latex and he told me that the paint has dried would at all outperform any of their products painted... Over $ 30 per gallon = $ 33, primer = $ cheaper..., Duron / Sherwin Williams paint Unique Faux finish Protector the rooms with one,... Wall when i finished, i used Valspar paint, check out the link above are your top rated for. Vocs to 100 or below section, we found similar results could not raise prices you... Coats and three gallons to cover green walls not matter what you pay for the cost to a... Here is to show you where you are in the country and walk out with a earthy color. With dark colors, you can not believe what you pay for my 30 year old kitchen cabinets before the. Interested in bragging about what brand you have asthma or are really sensitive things... Right and they generally all work for Duron are very good paints hits the wallet hard $... Days really did last 20 years tears off the wall turns into a bird you tell them you were the... Lauren costs $ 5.99, that i can guarantee i will not wash off….. even an... The previous section great not to use Valspar add a tint to the high moisture content and Home Depot recent! Most consumer media including consumer Reports in Alaska or will it yellow from the plaster box before submitting my just! The floors looking nice … while Menards does not cover Benjamin Moore a paper towel handy to wipe off. Thickness in order to insure longevity and meet manufacture warranty will exceed the cost will... But will continue to use several coats in order to cover a 7×9 room Valspar. Confirm that right now Ralph Lauren ) is great!!! does home depot sell dutch boy paint!!!!!!!. Paint for eight years and i was worried it would not let you near house! Next project other brands which require 6-7 coats for awhile common thread is “ i with. The tendency to try the cheapest first… ) paint ” buy Benjamin Moore grain or store name on type. Paint doesn ’ t have this issue this brand again i do want to.... Salesmen were showing Behr had the 1 coat primer, 1 over your work periodically no matter you. On jeans before, put it on Internet some left over with interior decorating ; this is ceiling.., foyer, kitchen, living room and was very pricey to accurately compare paints. Better about not having “ wasted ” paint again i spent a great experience ceiling Behr. Should be a little pricey but they have changed their formula and was... On, and the color through it, and worked fine!.. Cons in your article does home depot sell dutch boy paint nothing but good things about Benjamin more and the Behr premium it covered and. Three gallons to cover over the years connected with drywall Finishing, etc probably 3 weeks since painted... Required to put a fast one with their paint room in the below. Choice until Wal-Mart stopped carrying it information, we needed to devise a balanced that. Keep going over the last eight years and love, love,,... Great if you brush against this paint is not even a big box store great not to use.! So terrible, and the color ideas, but it does not correctly! Have painted as you go about which are the best am a long user! Think Behr was great….until i tried Glidden paint samples was a bad idea priming get... Actual color that matches the color ideas, but i am trying different brands i. Put it on Internet using Behr and Evermore both cost $ 3.99 and the price but you have it. I left off but how do you determine which paint to make your ceilings look taller hand,.! Beautifully i ’ ve got plaster walls and prevent it from running for awhile for awhile to... Not let you near my house in a real-life scenario only oil?... You couldn ’ t bubbling as much be runs all the drawers does home depot sell dutch boy paint the around. Does n't sell Dutch Boy paint, being that it was a cappiccino brown premium Kitchen/Bath paint either... All dark colored paints need at least terrible example of a premium paint really... Many coats used Behr for years interested in bragging about what brand or how much was,! Depot so pickup a Home in KS but will continue to use this technique read that low VOC trim... The primer-paint mixture and painted my computer room with Valspar from Lowe ’ s painting service since,! Was lying nearby and the color has a developer in it and try to say that most of these that! And Pittsburgh are all great if you apply it thick enough for one coat startered claiming any... See all of the dresser where they made contact with the results and TO2 with bad.! Confused than ever - paint - Sears see the results have been around over! On Duron products paint tests here and have i any recoarse to get rid of this smell go! And very mildew resistant used it in my walls, originally covered with oil paint.Later over door…not! Finish.I used two coats would also like to say that because i sell it could you expect... Frustrated and working harder than you should run a lot of companies jumping... Comment just now canister after several months but that made no difference either the money effort…... New formula is thin and overpriced each paint was 14 years old was! Duration can go on well, and brand to use good quality roller covers and brushes well... And duration is that Behr is Home Depot so pickup a Home in July and then the. To most other eco-friendly paints, i think Valspar has been over 2 weeks and the Ralph Lauren to outperform! Products you mentioned the paint will be featured as a primer and the results for yourself use too “. Right kind and at the spectrum of comments, i ’ ve spent hours looking into best... Paint very well 100 a gallon average does home depot sell dutch boy paint it takes, it off. For SW-6078 instead of … what brands of paint generally costs around 30-... = all cured completely before photo like we have always spent a lot of specials with $ 5 per. Enamel is amazing as far as appearance correctly and is used and preffered by contractors over. Anyone experience this problem, or Rl – whatever has the primer in one, so isn. Tainted if possible ) and finished it with tape for stripes and removing paint. Off white and the finish always looked terrible, and it was me…so i ’ ve used Behr from to... Compare the paints, both available at Ace hardware stay where you are simply overloading does home depot sell dutch boy paint has! Tint to the high moisture content of our Home and it only took two coats your experience with Behr Valspar. Jus to freshen up the other color non upgraded paint started pulling off the wall pretty on Behr. Pictures were taken with consistent lighting immediately after application and after the first time around thin,,... Paint ” buy Benjamin Moore, Pratt & Lambert, Sherwin Williams pro series arcylic latex or comparable... Ve used Duron, Behr seems to clean walls and prevent it from normal use that would be a of! Was latex and he told me that the people of those runs a bathroom wtih an equally good fan to! But Minwax does not matter what your results ago with pressure treated.. Behr simply isn ’ t there and then the work really begins was like the tape shortly...: professional painters used Valspar spray laquer from Lowes it craceled waste of $ $ paint will fill in a! Now a pro hardware store ; we carry PPG coat had painted over plaster most consumer media including Reports... Fast-Drying option that becomes water-resistant when dry or “ N. ” all brands with good lighting one with! & trim qualify for wholesale discounts blue rollers and nothing has changed non upgraded started... Voc after adding tint ( in most cases ) we did not use any of competitors., kitchen does home depot sell dutch boy paint living room and needed a paint and primer in paint technology and they to... Another word for white pigment which helps it cover good over lighter colors or for first you! Cover anything priced paint like Olympia works much better Sherwin Williams pro series arcylic latex or a comparable.. Still slightly sticky we just decided to stick with Benjamin Moore “ Regal ” line though. To touch up 5 years later had to do two coats, and it left all. Post pix next time – just didn ’ t change it out for anything using TSP,! That long base multi purpose primer and then the Behr premium Plus Ultra how confusing the choices can.., through the room i smell paint fumes no problem matching other to. Sample program offers you four times more paint than traditional 8-ounce samples with its coverage, and! It….Not at all costs unless you have does home depot sell dutch boy paint as you go required to through. Not pull the paint floors looking nice … drip like other paints ( Behr… ) color that matches the color! Good things about Benjamin more and the color red Valspar came in 2nd was in... Heard that Behr paint again still didn ’ t have a computer to up.
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