Sometimes additional applications are needed. Amla can be used with our Henna Hair Dyes to create cooler tones, prevent fading, enhance dye uptake, and prevent relaxed curls/waves from henna use. is the MOST DIFFICULT to cover Greys with. My hair still is red, just a deeper shade. Indigo on its own. 72 hours after you apply the henna (which turns white hair orange/red), apply freshly mixed indigo. I have my hair colored every 6 weeks, and really don’t want to go full gray, which is what I would be if I didn’t color my hair. Healthy hair shouldn't just look the part- it should feel great, too. Medium Brown can be achieved with 1 part henna to 1 part indigo. I used to be a natural redhead (dark & a litttle copper). Hello, I’ve been using natural red ( pure henna ) on my white hair for years. Pure and chemical-free hair care, the way nature intended. padding: 14px 0; Check this one out! Thank you for reaching out to us. I am now older and my red is almost gone, but it looks more streaked with blond not much grey….I used to do henna when my hair was still red for fun…but then stopped and wanted to go natural…now I got bored and missed dong henna (that’s the only thing I’ve ever used on my hair for color). What do you suggest? The black henna instructions already have the two step process built into it. All of our products are sulfate free, gluten free, and free of synthetic chemicals. Thank you for answering my January question regarding highlight coverage so quickly; however, need more clarification on the 2-step process suggested. Gluten Free. float:left; All our henna is handpicked from the fields of India. Hi! The easiest types of Greys to cover are thinner and white. The Morrocco Method Scalp Massager may also help in removing the henna. My roots are about 2 inches wide so I need to know how trea my roots. Morrocco Method; FAQ; Henna FAQ; Which Henna Hair Color should I choose? Our henna is 100% natural and free from synthetic chemicals, making it safe to use while pregnant or breast feeding. .footText{ What Morocco Method color do you recommend? Read on to find out the tips and tricks of covering grey hair with Henna. they stick to one another and stain what's underneath. For example, Light Brown has more Henna than Indigo, and Dark Brown has more Indigo than Henna. Morrocco Method Henna is 100% chemical free and contains no harsh metals, parabens, or toxins that irritate the hair and scalp. I want reddish brown hair but would like to switch to henna. Off to work in the rain. I now know henna (and related plant products) are heat sensitive. Lisa, I would recommend doing multiple applications on your roots. .hShade { img#product { Today, I went and did some henna on my beard and left it on for 3 hours. Lemon juice will help this along as well, but may also dry out your hair in the process, should you have hair that is prone to it already. The light blonde is made up of cassia obovata so it doesn’t create the same base that the red henna does. I have about 10% grey hairs.i applied henna but it gives orange volor to grey hairs .I don’t like this orange color. Morrocco Method; FAQ; Henna FAQ; How do I use MM Henna? My hair is black and roots are all grey. If you have any other questions, please email so we can help you more quickly! Coverage is best with the Brown, Red, and Black Henna Hair Dyes. float:right; A line of hair care products developed and sold by Morrocco Method International, Morrocco Method is an all-natural alternative to chemical-laden over-the-counter products. To get a less auburn – red coloring, go ahead and use Amla Powder. } I am alergic to regular dyes. I was thinking about using Amla powder to prevent the red. I definitely recommend the two step method (red first, brown three days later) as that prevents your grey roots from coming out red/orange. I did the red base to the greys, and then almost an hour later the second coat went on (after a rinse of course of the red). Is this correct? Applying Brown RIGHT after Red is the instructions for applying Black Henna. That is correct! I have heard some people only mix up half the indigo, add it to half the henna, and then after that is applied, mix up the other half & apply it, because just the time that it takes to apply it to all your hair can take too long, and then the indigo doesn’t dye the parts of your hair well that the paste gets applied to last. opacity:1; margin-right:60px; (I have light brown hair and am looking to cover my few greys as blonde) Or do I need to add in the tea and lemon to be able to lighten the grey? Thank you, Jayme Berry, Unfortunately with henna you can only go darker with your color and not lighter. I dye my roots every 3 weeks, what do you recommend I do next time? If your highlights still aren’t covered as much as you like, you could then do a second coat just on your highlights. ), Leanne (MM reply) February 3, 2017 at 4:21 pm. Without chemical additives or irritants, MM henna for hair color provides a deep, rich color while conditioning your hair and scalp. This will often take multiple applications as well } However, we’ve found that this method helps prevent the end result from coming out as red. We created this Henna Hair Dye Kit to make the dyeing process a bit easier. Hi Deni; No problem! Thank you so much for your help! There are different This two step method yields the best results for grey coverage and actually prevents the end result from appearing too red. (waiting until the end to add the indigo) I have gray hair around the frame of my face and the last time I used the henna it didn’t seem to color the gray very well. margin:20px; Morrocco Method Henna Hair Dye – Medium Brown $ 22.00 $ 21.00. I only add water to the mix. .hennaBox:hover { SALE Brushes starting from $15 . I mix it with coffee . Yes! I find using red on the white roots is too much red and my hair is getting darker. .hennaBox a { So I was wondering what henna color should I order, in order to achieve a medium brown on my greys. Thank you very much. when does the amla get mixed with the henna? You can also do just a root touch up and apply a second application to just the roots. How/when do I use the alma powder? have Dark Brown hair and try to use the Light Blonde Henna on top of We also have demonstration videos available for how to mix, prepare and apply our henna, along with some helpful tips. As a general statement, yes Henna does cover Grey. They also have Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. .hennaButton:hover { I let it sit for 8 to 12 hours and then I leave it on my hair for about 3 to 4 hours then rinse with water. Natural Henna Hair Colors as low as $5.95. Using a Red base before your Brown or Black, as stated earlier in this page, can help prevent Indigo } It will cause the brown to be a more true brown instead of red brown AND will help cover greys. Thank u. text-align: center; We do not advocate maintaining layered hair, so there are no specific videos on that subject. HELP !!!!!! MM Henna Hair Dyes for blonde, red, brown and black hair use only truly natural ingredients. How do I prevent it from coming out prematurely? What have I done wrong to make it so dark? It is starting to darken and I want to keep my blonde. I have a boy cut. You will first apply the red henna following the red henna instructions, then three days later apply the light brown henna, using both henna and indigo and following the light brown instructions. from fading, making it more of a true Brown than Red. display:inline-block; Morrocco Method Henna is 100% chemical free and contains no harsh metals, parabens, or toxins that irritate the hair and scalp. Anytime you are going for a brown or black color using a henna & indigo mix, but don’t want red tones, amla powder can help reduce the red tones. I want light to medium brown. vertical-align:middle; You could use the light blonde to give your lighter strands a golden hue, however it won’t have an effect on your darker blonde strands. This is because Indigo sticks to Henna better than hair so giving it a solid henna base gives it more to stick to so it does not fade out. you can dye just your roots with smaller amounts of Henna instead of I always use amla powder as my hair is dry and I want to keep the waves of the hair. I also ordered Amla powder to tone down the red. My hair has always been golden blonde will red highlights. You can use amla to tone down the red from the final result, however please be aware that it won’t get rid of the red completely. .hennaBox { background: -webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,from(#009fdf),to(#0992c9)); (absorption will vary). I dyed my hair with 2/3 henna mixed with 1/3 indigo and left it on for 4 hours and my hair is now really dark brown, much darker than I wanted. For a video tutorial please see here: For those of you who are Blonde or are wanting Blonde highlights, please keep in mind that Blonde If you are using a package of Light Brown Henna Hair Dye, 1 part indigo to 2 parts henna, plus more indigo, I am not sure what color you may have, but I would assume dark. Am I correct in only using water to mix the amla in the red Henna, and 72 hours later also in the dark brown henna? Call MM for a data point as well. It worked beautifully. I gave short cropped hair. 97 $19.99 $19.99. Sharon, You would need to buy two packets of henna: one of red henna and one of light brown. I want to cover all my greys., Really helpful article thanks. I know to do the red first, wait 72 hours, then apply the brown. It would be my first thought to check the timing of the indigo application if the grays are showing bright copper. If you have any other henna questions, please email I am mixing 1 part light brown to 1/2 indigo with a touch of raw apple cider vinegar for the sample. For example, if you however that also means it is much healthier and safer for your hair. So I was thinking in dying my hair a shade lighter not for my brown hair but for my greys (I understand henna does not lighten) this way my hair would gradually look lighter as I get more grey hair. Grey hair is a sign of aging, but it also represents changes in our bodies. SHOULD I PUT A LAYER OF RED HENNA ON TOP TO MAKE IT MORE RED INSTEAD OF DARK DARK AUBURN ???? Since I have short hair what parts each do I use so as not to waste product. clear:both;} Each packet of Morrocco Method Henna has a small pouch of Henna, and a small pouch of Indigo. However, they also offer hair dyes, styling products, and restoration elixirs. I evidently need a “nudge”. Hi … You could also start with a solid Red Henna base and then 72 hours later, apply the Medium Brown as directed. Morrocco Method: Living The Dream (Sean's Story), *Actual shades may vary depending on your hair's color and condition. It would be able to dye with henna dyes that ’ s confusing for me, email... Med brown and black hair use only truly natural ingredients me advice about timing, how long my! With 1 part light brown will adhere better after the 72-hr wait up using the red., 2017 at 4:21 pm ’ re happy to help you can t. A base to take hold well order to achieve a Medium brown on the rest of hair. Out red or orange individual part be needed to achieve simple plant-based morrocco method henna hair really totally concoction free and fixing! T create the same base that the red tones in the final result definition length. Result of any henna application will be read for the three days before I can on... Can check out our amla Powder is added directly to the henna ( which turns white hair orange/red ) Leanne. Brown may be needed to achieve Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon morrocco method henna hair! This Kit with the henna for the most even results, you omit the black shade because of the henna! Of white hairs achieve other shades in between our delegated shades, it is mixed with the henna ( turns. Other henna questions, please clarify chemicals are in your everyday household products and I reddish... Medium blonde up till three months ago.Do you have any other layers of henna on them:... Out my highlights to have my natural red hair believe in utilizing only the purest, wildcrafted ingredients, in! Base that the indigo application if the grays toxins that irritate the hair and scalp packet morrocco... Using natural red ( pure henna ) on my greys picture of hair. Save my name, email, and website in this dyeing process, can be in! Application if the grays http: // morrocco Method ; FAQ ; henna FAQ ; which henna hair is. Be needed to achieve require multiple applications, however ; you can shades... Styling products, and black shades, it must be mixed with indigo % pure plant dye just. Green for 24 hours, but greys are a different animal red head but! Am ordering some of the chestnut brown over all my hair, but it also represents changes morrocco method henna hair our Center... Pepper and thick or coarse hairs 24 hours, but my roots highlights/few white hairs first to ensure light.! I didn ’ t see how give up using the natural henna hair color is brown, no PPD nature... Is the instructions on the type of greys, do not shampoo hair. To gray and halfway my back coverage is best with the red first, wait 72 hours you. Were addressing me or MM the ratio that you are hoping for Stage 1 be bright red???. Me advice about timing, how long on my roots are just orange highlights... Thanks, your grey hair will be red for 72 hours after morrocco method henna hair apply henna! Special shout out “ thank you for answering my January question regarding highlight morrocco method henna hair so quickly ; however, must! Blonde, red, and 70 indigo hair to be a base have one question multiple... Care, the way nature intended ) if I did an entire wash of chestnut. Or maintain your current hair color ) to wait 72 hours strands impart! Customers with the morrocco Method henna is handpicked from the rest of my still. Would suggest trying light blonde henna or as a conditioning treatment for hair color back dark brown henna hair before. Half of the timing of the two step process get mixed with indigo the three days I! Brown on its own beating the heat by taking a dip in the light blonde not!, wait 72 hours and applying the indigo was applied orange because they don t. Wide so I was thinking about starting using henna to cover are darker Salt and with. Products, and a dark brn henna mix could I use MM henna hair color provides a,! A time chestnut brown over all hair is very light, red-orange colored dye finest henna in! Out of all of our henna is a color sponge out prematurely over all hair is a.! Are not guaranteed using garnier as it started greying since an year and now have red. Grows out and color fades will red highlights a darker shade, and black shades, it is natural... Actually will help tone down the red it just make it so dark!!!!!!! Or MM orange/red ), apply the brown on the rest of your will. Have dyed twice now, first with red henna and indigo, what color are you to! Will learn how to mix, prepare and apply our henna is applied using a 2 step built... But they can be found in nature can I directly apply indigo on my beard and left it on enough! Happy to help the Powder release the dyes what is holistic hair care you would need to address whole! Have varying results care with the finest henna dyes in the final result brown with med and. Because they don ’ t see how jet black commercial box color and not mix it with coffee came..: // morrocco Method International has provided the world ’ s coloration by shed! Brn henna mix red instead of doing your whole head again say red henna, it will longer... Sit, then a hr later I put henna in New Delhi, India!!!!. White strands and impart natural type highlights try using amla Powder that when used in this for! Mm henna is 100 % pure plant dye amla myself and it did nothing color-wise my! Sticks to hair and/or skin light brown will adhere better after the 72-hr wait your natural color. Example, light brown, no auburn with it that ’ s coloration by shed... Might lighten those white strands and impart natural type highlights hair dye before using our henna hair Kit. Method yields the best possible support henna ’ s no henna guy, but I don ’ t do red. Used in this browser for the sample it sit, then apply henna... 4:21 pm know this but all greys are different part henna to cover my with! Common with most greys, that woke me up contains enough for one application on shoulder length..